SAP applications and managed services

Recent studies suggest that enterprises that have a good application managed service strategy, reduce their total IT maintenance cost by up to 50%. As part of the Support studio EiE Program, we are committed to help our customers prevent and scale down their current production issues to a very minimal state to establish a smooth business as usual experience with SAP applications and managed services.

Our key differentiators

Quality & assurance

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking - Henry Ford.

Accumulate & carry

Carry forward unused hours month on month.


We honor the SLA clock.

Engagement with COE team

Jam and collaborate with our COE team on the latest SAP innovation and updates.

Customer satisfaction survey

For every ticket to maintain consistency & improve services.

Known issue repository

Quick turnaround delivered using knowledge base articles.

Bringing upto speed

Regular brainstorming internal KT sessions to enable consultants to better understand customer system landscape to provide better services.

Being one team

Transparent & honest communications through daily status updates to keep customers informed at all times.

Data protection & integrity

Our team goes through an initial and periodic rigorous verification checks, before and after subjected to customer data to maintain a high standard of data integrity and IP protection.

Business as usual

Preventive maintenance support for the IT landscape with periodic system health check dashboards.

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